Wood Heaters

The cooler months pull you inside. When there’s a crackling fireplace to curl up next to, those fresh nights are something to look forward to, not dread. Share that cosy feeling, with your family and friends. Find refuge after a long day of work, with a good book and glass of red next to the fire. Wake up to a warm house, while you’re getting ready for your day. Nothing quite compares to a home with a fireplace.

This is the experience Sam Murray and the Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide team are passionate to create for families. We specialise in fireplace and wood heater consultations, installation, and maintenance advice. Servicing all areas of Adelaide and the surrounds, contact us if you’re considering adding a fireplace to your living room or outdoor entertainment area.

About us

Sam spent the past six years cleaning chimneys and during this time, met many families who have wood fires. He began to consult and install wood heaters, which soon turned into the sole focus of the business. A fireplace is a timeless feature that any house can benefit from, regardless of the size and layout. Today, we’re one of Adelaide’s leading wood heater teams.

Put your assumptions about wood heaters aside because modern units are easy to maintain. You can control the rate the timber burns and adjust the amount of heat through the valves. It’s the perfect mix of old meets modern.

Wood heater vs. fireplace

While you might expect a wood heater and fireplace to be the same product, they’re not. A fireplace is part of the structure of the house, inserted into a wall or chimney. A wood heater, on the other hand, is an individual unit with a flue. These two styles of products are also described as freestanding wood heaters vs. in-built wood heaters.

Whichever style of heater you go for, it’s important to remember that it doubles as a room centre piece. It’s a part of the house that brings people together. Because of this, it’s just as much an aesthetic decision as it is a practical one.

Benefits of a wood heater

Heat your home responsibly with a wood heater, instead of spending money on electricity. You don’t need to look far for the literature on the efficiency of a wood heater in reducing green gas emissions. It’s an effective, cost-efficient way to heat your home and enjoy that seasonal smell of wood burning.

Keep the doors open and enjoy a fully heated home. Good quality wood can burn up to 19 hours, which is an energy saver in the cooler months. It makes those freezing mornings easier to handle and sets the tone for comfortable, relaxing nights.

Enjoy this great focal point of your living room, future-proof against rising electricity costs, and this sacred part of your day.  

What to think about when choosing a wood heater

Do you want your fireplace to blend into the design of the living room or prefer it to stand out? What do you use the room for – relaxing, watching television, reading, sharing meals, and hanging out? Will the heater be a style feature of the room or a utility only? Consider these questions when making your purchasing decision. Our team of heating specialists are happy to advise you on the best solutions for your house, lifestyle needs, and budget.

Over the years, we’ve installed wood heaters and fireplaces for all types of homes, traditional to modern. With a wide range of options available, we’ll find the perfect wood heater for you.

You can put a wood heater anywhere in the home. This is why it’s become part of the interior design for many families. Living areas are the most common placement in the home.

Installing a wood heater isn’t a DIY job

Adding a wood heater or fireplace to the home can’t just be done by anyone who knows their way around the tools. Only licensed installers can do this, in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 2918. It must also comply with manufacturer instructions and building codes. In many areas, local councils require their permission – a process which we can help gain approval for, as there are permits and restrictions in place.

Working with an experienced team of wood heater installers is also important from a home insurance standpoint. Most policies require sign-off by a qualified person. With us, you’ll have the peace of mind that your new wood heater or fireplace is installed by licensed professionals.

Heating Adelaide homes

A charming wood heater or fireplace is a feature in any home. Firewood is more affordable than electricity and offers a priceless ambience. It can be both a heater and an interior design feature, if given adequate forethought. Depending on where you put it, the heater can be used year-round. Wood heaters can be a wonderful addition to outdoor entertainment areas and can be fired up on those cooler summer nights. Whether you know exactly where you want the wood heater or you’re just starting to think about it, our team are here to help. Lean on our many years of experience working on chimneys across Adelaide. We know the intricacies of wood heater and fireplace installation.

Book a consultation with Sam and the team today. We offer in-home, no-obligation appointments across Adelaide metro, the surrounding suburbs, Barossa Valley, Fleurieu Peninsula, and the Adelaide Hills. There’s no town we won’t visit, so reach out if you’re considering installing a wood heater or fireplace in your home.

With products available at all budget levels, that charming wood heater is within reach for any family. Picture yourself by the crackling wood fire, cosying up with a good book and delicious meal. It brings the family together, evokes a sense of calm and clarity, and continues to safely burn long after you’ve gone to bed.

To create this experience in your home, contact Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide today. You’re going to enjoy hours of entertainment by the fire in the years to come.

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