At Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide, we install gorgeous fireplaces for families that are both practical and stand as a design piece. We sell, install and repair wood heaters across Adelaide, the surrounding suburbs, Adelaide Hills, and Fleurieu Peninsula. Quality wood heaters offer decades of enjoyment and memories. It’s the centrepiece of a living room that unites the family, creates a cosy refuge after long days, and sets the mood for the entire house.

Save money on utility costs, enjoy a calm ambience, and do your part for the environment. This is more than just a wood heater or fireplace. Our team will help bring your vision to life.

Wood heater & fireplace advice, installation & repairs

With Sam’s roots in chimney cleaning, he was exposed to hundreds of heating solutions – which planted his idea to expand the business into installing fireplaces, too. This footing in maintenance and repairs gives our team a competitive advantage. We know what it takes to care for a wood heater or fireplace that lasts a lifetime.

Our team can assist with sales, installation services, flue and chimney cleaning, repair work, replacements, and door and seal updates. To prevent issues and protect your new wood heater or fireplace for decades, invest in an annual check-up.

Your fireplace will command the room. It’ll be the talking point when you have guests over and the informal ‘meeting spot’ for your family. There’s nothing quite like the stunning look and cosy ambience of a crackling fireplace. It transforms a room and changes the energy of the entire home. You might’ve considered installing a fireplace before but were concerned about the up keep. With us just a phone call away, operating a wood heater or fireplace is easy. Modern units allow you the freedom to control the amount of heat, so you can ‘dial it’ up or down, based on your family’s needs.

Choosing your type of heating

It’s an exciting time for wood heaters. There are so many options available including features like legs, a pedestal, or a fan. Let your budget and style preference guide your decision. We happily spend time in the advice and consultation stage to help you make the right choice. If your house has an existing open fireplace, we can install a built-in wood heater or make a custom frame, so it pops as a design statement. Radiant or convection heaters are popular for outdoor entertainment areas, for comfortable year-long backyard hangouts.

Start to visualise how you’d like to enjoy your new fireplace. This is a good starting point for us in our advisory. Our full range of products and services include:

  • Combustion fireplaces
  • Standard fireplaces
  • Wood fire installation
  • Wood heaters
  • Free-standing wood heaters
  • Built-in wood heaters
  • Flue installation
  • Chimney cleaning and capping
  • Wood heater repairs.

When it comes to anything wood heating related, we’re the team to call. We don’t deviate into other areas like barbeques, air conditioning or fans. We live and breathe wood heaters and fireplaces every day. If you’ve got a question, product, or problem on your mind, we have the answers.

The cost of a fireplace installation  

The average fireplace cost is about $4,500 including the product and labour. This, of course, is an extremely broad estimate and every installation is different. The best way to get a clear idea about what to expect cost-wise is to arrange a free consultation. We can come out to your home, anywhere in Adelaide, to provide a based on your product choice, house layout, lifestyle needs, style preference, and budget. We understand this is a higher price product but it’s important to understand the lifespan of modern fireplace units. With a quality product, installation by our licensed team and regular maintenance, your wood heater can last for decades – between 15 to 25 years.

Enjoy a lifetime of benefits with a fireplace

Get ready to look forward to wintertime with a cosy, crackling fireplace. Accept the slow pace of winter and sync with the warm, soothing ambience a fireplace creates. Enjoy more home-cooked meals, good wine and a book, and quality time by the fire with your loved ones.

A fireplace is also low maintenance and has become easier to clean over the years. This makes them less of a headache to own. With a yearly chimney inspection, your fireplace is good to go. We can handle the annual checks and maintenance. Save money on your electricity bill, while getting a full-house heating experience. Add value to your home with a stunning fireplace. When it comes to wood heater benefits, we could go on and on.

More than just a source of heat in winter

There’s just something so special about a striking fireplace. It captures and holds the attention of anyone in the room. It sets the tone and welcomes a change of pace, in tune with nature. A stunning fireplace with the wood resting next to it adds an unintended design charm, a farm-like outdoorsy feel – that has become a popular interior décor choice for homes in recent years. A fireplace is also complementary to the minimalist, modern look. It creates a warmth throughout the house that’s hard to emulate with other heating solutions. Use quality wood and the fireplace can keep the house warm for up to 19 hours.

Adelaide’s fireplace experts

You’ll see the Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide van across the city, surrounding suburbs, Hills, and coast. The Adelaide Hills is one of our major service areas, but we happily travel all over. Contact us today to book a no-obligation, in-home consultation to discuss your new wood heater or fireplace.

Bring in a team of licensed, insured, wood heater professionals. Whether you envision a fireplace in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, entertainment area or in the backyard, we’ll bring that setting to life in your home.

Share your ideas, design inspiration, aesthetic preference, and the look you’re going for. This is an important part of the consultation stage. Contact Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide today to book your appointment.

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