About Us

About Us

Hi, I’m Sam from Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide and I want to tell you about my journey into becoming a fireplace installer. It all started 6 years ago when my wife and I were trying to buy our first home while we were
renting. It felt almost impossible until I decided to start my own chimney cleaning business as a second job.

This business started off like any small business does, slow at first, but then once I started to make a name for myself, the phone started going off the hook. I had to employ someone to take my calls, I had to employ sub-contractors to help with the increase in customers, and I even had to cut down hours at my other job to keep up with the demand.

From there, my chimney cleaning company expanded into replacing and repairing heaters. There were also situations where the entire wood heater needed to be completely replaced. This is when I started to investigate into doing my own installations instead of outsourcing.

The demand was there, the clients were asking more and more – so I decided to complete the appropriate courses and started advertising that we could do installs. What’s that saying? The rest is history! Well, we are now selling wood heaters, flue kits and installing them all over Adelaide.

We also make the process of buying a heater and having it installed in your beautiful home easy, stress free, and as soon as it can be installed.

Types of wood heaters we sell

At Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide, if we don’t sell the wood heater you’re looking for, we can still assist and try to and order it in. We understand how slow or forgetful bigger companies can be, as they don’t all go out of their way to look after their clients, and their install wait list can go on for weeks.

As it stands, we are currently specialising in Nectre, Kent, Regency, Blaze and Cheminees Philippe wood heaters, which are normally always in stock and ready to go, and our wait list is normally quite a bit shorter than the other companies. So, if you’re like us and a bit impatient or as I like to call it ‘excited’ we can install that heater in your home usually very quickly.

Also ask us about any of the heater’s options you’ve seen: Does it have legs, a pedestal or even a fan, as these are usually all options on every wood heater, it just depends on your budget and style you are trying to achieve.

We also install built-in wood heaters to either an existing open fireplace or we can custom make frames to make that special “wow” space in your home.

If you’re looking to enhance your outdoor area, we can assist with that too. Our range of radiant or convection heaters can fill any space for you to enjoy.

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