Wood Fire Installation

Safeguard your house against the rising cost of electricity. Improve the value of your home and lifestyle. Bring ambience and comfort into your living room. All of this is possible by installing a modern wood heater. A wood fire has long been a popular heating choice for homes. With today’s units, a fireplace doesn’t come with the mess and upkeep that it once might have. With more freedom to control the heat delivery and temperature, this is the perfect mix of old meets new. At Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide, we help families all over Adelaide experience the joy of winter with a fireplace.

Warm your home in the most cost-effective way

With quality firewood, you can enjoy a warm home for up to 19 hours. Imagine keeping the heater on for that long? It would cost a fortune (and still wouldn’t match the quality of heat the fireplace generates). When the mornings are chilly, waking up to a warm house starts the day off in a calm, cosy way. It’s a level of heat that’s good for the soul – a nostalgic, full-sensory experience.

This isn’t just a heater. Your fireplace is a piece of your home, a design statement. A ‘meeting point’ for the family. A place for friends to gather and the setting for long conversations. It’s also a spot for solitude, to relax with a good book, a glass of wine, and your thoughts.

The importance of the fireplace installer

As a wood heater installer, we understand all these elements. This is why we dedicate time to the consultation stage, to ensure your fireplace creates this experience. Every project is different and depends on the family, house, aesthetic preference, and budget. The home is your sanctuary, and the fireplace is a key part of this story. We need to get it right because these products can last up to 25 years, if well maintained.

Choose from combustion and standard fireplaces, free-standing, and built-in wood heaters. We work across the advice, installation, service, and repairs. This includes flue installations, chimney cleaning and clapping. Our team began specialising in chimney cleaning, before branching out into wood heater installations. This is what sets us apart. We’re not just an installer who you’ll never hear from again. The secret to wood heaters lasting up to 25 years is maintenance.

Our fireplace installers are licensed, in accordance with Australian Standards AS/NZS 2918. While some jobs around the house can be done if you’re handy, installing a fireplace isn’t one of them. With fireplaces, the build must comply with the manufacturer’s instructions and codes, as well as obtain council permission. Your home insurance also needs to see the work was completed by a licensed professional. With us as your installer, all of this is taken care of.  

Outdoor fireplace experts

When you think of a wood heater, you’re probably only envisioning winter. But fireplaces are also a common feature in outdoor entertainment areas. It’s a way to enjoy year-round hosting and hangs outside. Our range of radiant or convection heaters can fill any space you desire. For regions like the Adelaide Hills, with big backyards and impressive decks, you can maximise the use of your favourite part of the house with a wood heater.

We see ourselves as both technicians and designers, as we bring nearly a decade of product expertise into our aesthetic, architectural advice. As such, you get both worlds, the practical and design.

Whole house heating, you don’t feel bad about

Warm your entire house without a tinge of guilt. This is the most environmentally friendly, cost-effective way. The use of firewood can increase fossil fuel use and CO2 emissions. Plus, you’ll love the exceptional quality of the heat. Many of these units use convection via heat panels for faster warmth that’s distributed evenly throughout the home.

There are two standard types of wood heaters in Australia: radiant and convection. If insulation is an issue, a radiant wood heater might be more efficient. Otherwise, for houses with standard ceiling heights, a convection unit is the best choice. Leverage the insights our team offers, having supported hundreds of families to make their choice of fireplace product.

Choosing your new type of fireplace

Take the time to understand your heating requirements. Consider where you spend time in the house and if there’s an area, you’d like to spend more time in. Think about the size of the space and the height of the ceilings. What’s the insulation level? Do you have wall and roof insulation? What about window glazing and furnishings? All these factors alter the heat loss.

Look at the layout of the area and the access to other parts of the house. Is where you want to put the wood heater on the opposite side of the house to the bedrooms? Spending some time thinking about these details will help prepare you for the initial consultation. Our team of wood heating specialists will, of course, walk you through it but it’s great to be as prepared as possible.

Redefine winter

The nostalgic smell, the deep warmth, the cosy nights, and easy mornings. The whole family (even the pets) are drawn to the fireplace. Let this become your reality.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a fireplace in your house, contact us. Book a no-obligation, in-home consultation to start the process. Share your design style, location preference, lifestyle needs, and budget. Get ready to experience the warmth of winter in a whole new way. The Affordable Wood Heaters team travels all over Adelaide, from the city to the Hills, the suburbs to the coast.

Helping families embrace winter, maximise their outdoor space all year, and spend more time in the warm, welcoming shared areas is why we do what we do. After we install your fireplace, you’ll be able to call us for maintenance and repairs, if necessary – to enjoy decades of memories around the fireplace. This is an investment for your family, as well as to protect your home from rising electricity costs.  

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