Combustion Fireplace

It’s an exciting time for wood heaters and fireplaces. While it’s always been the heating preference, wood fires came with mess and upkeep. Until now. Modern units are more intelligent and flexible, giving families control over the temperature and settings. This is certainly true for our range, at Affordable Wood Heaters Adelaide. Sam Murray started the company after spending the best part of a decade in chimney cleaning. He worked on hundreds of homes across Adelaide, before moving into the installation side of heating. For a full-service fireplace company, contact us.

Slow-combustion wood burning stove

We supply, install, and repair a variety of products including the combustion fireplace, free-standing, and built-in wood heaters. Flue installation, chimney cleaning and capping, and system repairs remain a core part of our service.

Because there are more heating options available than ever before, it’s important to wrap your head around the popular solutions. A combustion fireplace, for example, the heater creates the right conditions for oxygen, for slow-burning wood. The choice of wood is important in all units, especially eh slow combustion fireplace. Go for the best hardwoods such as seasoned red gum, as it offers greater heat output with minimal smoke.

Make the most of every piece of wood. Heat your home for hours. Save money on your electricity bill by installing a combustion fireplace. Efficient, stylish, and modern, this type of wood heater will soon be your family’s favourite.

Stunning heating design solutions

Your combustion fireplace (or another type of wood heater) isn’t just a unit for practical purposes. It’s not just about warming your house. With the charm and cosy ambience, the fireplace transforms the room. It becomes both the heat source and design centrepiece. ‘Let’s eat dinner near the fire’ will be an everyday suggestion in your home.

You’re not just looking at a heating unit but rather, a gorgeous fireplace with flames you could stare at for hours. The calming, restorative, reflective energy pulls you close, and it becomes ‘the spot’ to gather and unwind. Watching the dancing flames of your fireplace has certain medicinal qualities. It’s no surprise, seeing as this is the oldest heating method.

Affordable wood heaters for the home

There’s a sense of prestige and a premium price tag that a gorgeous fireplace commands. It’s our focus to make the combustion heater affordable for all families. We offer a range of high-quality wood heaters that are available for all budgets. Creating this experience within your home is possible. Just ask the hundreds of past customers we’ve served. With a slow combustion heater, the firewood lasts longer so it’s even more cost-effective.

How much is a combustion heater?

Certain factors influence the final price of a fireplace. The location, style, product, and brand, for example. For the unit and labour, you might be looking at around $4,500 for an installation. Keep in mind, these systems usually last decades, so it’s a wonderful investment. Factor in annual check-up and maintenance costs, which is the same for any heating system. A combustion fireplace is a fantastic investment for your lifestyle and a value add for the home.

If you’re thinking about upgrading to a wood heater or fireplace, we can come out to your home for a no-obligation consultant. We’ll go through your options and style ideas, decide on the placement, and prepare a full quote. This consultation stage is extremely important, and the floor is all yours to share your design preference, aesthetic taste, and lifestyle goals. Because this is more than just a heater, dedicating time and expertise to this initial meeting is a unique part of our service.

Your wood heating team, now and for the years ahead

When you partner with our team to supply and install your new fireplace, you’ll also get our repair experts for the years to come. You won’t have to source a different company to handle the annual checks and repairs, if any were to arise. For a product that has a lifespan of up to 25 years, this relationship is invaluable.

From the beginning, we’ve stayed true to our focus of only working in the wood heating space. While our expertise and skills lend itself to other specialisations (supplying other heating types or air conditioning), we’ve chosen against that. To us, it’s important to be a master of one field, so we can deliver the best service to our customers. With outdoor fireplaces and heating options popular these days, we don’t operate just in the winter.

We also supply fireplaces to businesses

While many of our customers are families, we partner with companies to create more personal, dynamic spaces with the addition of a wood heater. Whether this is a builder, dentist surgery, restaurant, hotel or school, a stunning fireplace can transform the room. Wood heaters are also a wonderful way to add a personal and welcoming feel to an office or workspace. This can transform the mood and energy of your staff and clients. If you’d like to talk to arrange for one of our heating specialists to visit your business, please contact us to organise an appointment.

No matter where you live or run a business across Adelaide, we can travel to you. We have clients in Adelaide metro, the surrounding suburbs, Barossa Valley, Adelaide Hills, and Fleurieu Peninsula. Unlike bigger companies, our size is our strength. Our team are happy to come to you and if we can’t assist you with a specific product or request, we’ll order it in. Expect a friendly, agile, specialist service from us. Some of the brands we carry include Nectre, Kent, Regency, Blaze, and Cheminees Philippe wood heaters.

For more information about our service, please get in touch with us. If you’re not ready for a consultation but have a few questions about wood heaters and fireplaces, we’re happy to have a chat. You’re going to fall in love with your beautiful new fireplace, whenever you choose to go ahead.

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