Chimney Capping

One of the best ways to protect your chimney for the long haul is to have your chimney capped. This process involved attaching a steel cover over the top of your chimney. It is important to safeguard your fireplace with a high quality chimney cap to prevent rain, grit and any other materials from getting inside your chimney.

These flues and fittings avoid future expenses, helping to block out rainfall which has the potential to cause serious damage to your chimney. Wind and subsequent down winds are also a concern and can be protected from with a chimney cap, mitigating dangerous draughts that could send smoke or sparks through the bottom of the chimney and into your home.

We are one of the leading chimney capping services in Adelaide and have helped hundreds of local residence cap their chimneys at their residential homes and commercial business’s.

The impact of rain and wind are a lot less with the use of a chimney cap, as well as keeping unwanted animals like birds and their nests out of the chimney. Other things such as leaves, twigs and other sediment can build-up and cause a number of headaches long term, so it is important to have your chimney capped if you live in an area with a large amount of trees, especially if those tress are in front of or behind your home or business.

We can install a wide variety of chimney caps on any style of chimney for your home or business. Our dedicated team have the skills and know how to ensure that the cap is secure, perfectly positioned and able to hold back rain, hail, leaves, sticks and any other debris that might usually enter your chimney if there was not a cap installed.

If you’re looking to have a cap installed, contact us today and speak with one of our experts about how they can help you have a chimney cap installed on your home.

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